How to Ignite Your MOJO!

Sadly, so many people, much of the time are doing what they don’t want and hence don’t have the time to do what they love. As a consequence they attempt to cope with the conflict, lack of happiness and stress in so many ways. Hence, there’s many types of self-medication, typically with alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sweets, […]

Let Everyday be ‘Valentine’s Day’

February is ‘Love Month’ … it’s the month of St Valentine’s. Typically it’s a time for romantic greeting cards, flowers, romantic dinners, love, passion … and maybe some sex. The day is a reminder for our relationships to become a little more more loving, caring, considerate, more intimate and passionate towards each other. It’s said ‘all we […]

Autumn Equinox Seminar

The ‘Autumn Equinox 1 Day ‘Holistic Lifestyle’ Seminar’  This seminar is a part of the ‘Living with the Seasons’ series of seminars. The venue for this years’ Autumn Equinox’ seminar is the glorious Gold Coast, in Queensland. The ‘Autumn Equinox 1 Day ‘Holistic Lifestyle’ Seminar’ is on Saturday 19th March 2016 Morning & afternoon refreshments […]

The Magic of Autumn …

Can you believe it’s Autumn already? … Autumn’s that magical time of year … it’s about ‘transformation’. In Traditional Oriental Medicine, autumn correlates with the element ‘metal’, which is about conductivity, giving and receiving, letting-go and change … it’s about reflection in our ‘maturity’ phase … about wisdom, empowerment, revelations and growth! Yes, our world is […]

2016 Schedule of Events

This year Ra Bliss is presenting a series of seminars and courses to help improve our life-style. Ra is presenting these courses throughout the year travelling to many locations from Melbourne to Cairns. to see his schedule please see below …▪ Please also be aware that these dates and venues may be subject to change without […]

How to make your New Years Resolution work for you

Are you motivated to make things better in 2016? Interestingly, most people who make New-Years resolutions fail … within just the first few days … and if you’re like most, you’ll continue to fail repeatedly … year after year! That’s why, I developed a process called ‘Conscious Creations’ … to help make your resolutions a […]