Gallbladder Bio-Energetics

Occasionally, people will experience symptoms such as heartburn, chest pain, indigestion, bloating, nausea or diarrhea. So often, this may be due to gallbladder problems, however without even knowing it. Our gallbladder is often overlooked. There can be undetected, ongoing gallbladder problems for years. These can also then eventually lead to other problems. The modern day, […]

Honour Thy Temple

In our modern day, fast-paced world, we so often forget about honouring the healing process. As an example, if we think that we can just replace a body part, would we be denying the opportunity for us to learn from our experience? If we to truly wish to heal, then we need to have a […]

The Cash Crises

Most people just don’t think about it … they don’t even think twice, they just flash their consumables on plastic. Yet, every transaction by your credit/debit card is traceable. So if the government were to ban cash there will be no privacy or freedom what-so ever. Also, as we’ve already seen so often, the banks […]

An Apology

After 30 years of practice I realise that every-one doesn’t want to get well with resolving underlying issues for achieving sustainable results … some merely seek ameliorative relief from their acute symptoms. Symptomatic Relief Symptomatic relief is also often referred to by many as a ‘band-aid’ approach. It may also be described as an ameliorative approach, to temporarily […]

Get the Jab?

Whilst some have already decided … the question for many at the moment is ‘to jab or not?’ As with all decisions, the better informed that we are, the easier it is to make the best choice. However, once you start investigating, you’re likely to run into a few problems. It’s a hot potato … […]

Help Yourself – Save the World!

As you’ve probably already heard, we’re in ‘unprecedented times’. Whilst in one hand we may have gratitude for the many luxuries we enjoy in our modern society, at the same time we’re faced with mounting costs. It seems that along with this, also comes increasing restrictions. As an example, we can see this when anyone […]