Honour Thy Temple

In our modern day, fast-paced world, we so often forget about honouring the healing process. As an example, if we think that we can just replace a body part, would we be denying the opportunity for us to learn from our experience? If we to truly wish to heal, then we need to have a […]


It’s biblical what’s happening at the moment! Can we really believe what we’ve been told by the main stream media? Many are confused about what’s happening because of widespread misinformation and deception. When the lies are exposed the truth will be revealed. Revelation; what must take place for things to happen! At the moment, throughout the world there’s […]

Do You Believe?

Once upon a time I believed in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. Then I found out it wasn’t true. Can you imagine how I felt when I realised I was being lied to? Why are we told so many lies? Maybe it’s to cover up embarrassment or simply try to control and manipulate us? […]