Autumn’s the Season for Reflection

Most people usually just consider that Autumn is that season of transition from summer to winter, it’s when the temperature starts to cool down a little, the daylight gradually becomes a little shorter and when the trees start to loose their leaves again.Yet, in essence, it actually means much more than that. Living with the Seasons  […]

Autumn Equinox Seminar

The ‘Autumn Equinox 1 Day ‘Holistic Lifestyle’ Seminar’  This seminar is a part of the ‘Living with the Seasons’ series of seminars. The venue for this years’ Autumn Equinox’ seminar is the glorious Gold Coast, in Queensland. The ‘Autumn Equinox 1 Day ‘Holistic Lifestyle’ Seminar’ is on Saturday 19th March 2016 Morning & afternoon refreshments […]

The Magic of Autumn …

Can you believe it’s Autumn already? … Autumn’s that magical time of year … it’s about ‘transformation’. In Traditional Oriental Medicine, autumn correlates with the element ‘metal’, which is about conductivity, giving and receiving, letting-go and change … it’s about reflection in our ‘maturity’ phase … about wisdom, empowerment, revelations and growth! Yes, our world is […]