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Celebrating the Summer Solstice

‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’ Are you looking for an better quality of life with an enhanced inner wisdom, self-love & happiness? Remember, as we are a part of nature, hence natures cycles are also within us. Enhance your wellbeing by tuning into your inner wisdom … being in-touch with […]

Autumn’s the Season for Reflection

Most people usually just consider that Autumn is that season of transition from summer to winter, it’s when the temperature starts to cool down a little, the daylight gradually becomes a little shorter and when the trees start to loose their leaves again.Yet, in essence, it actually means much more than that. Living with the Seasons  […]

Top Summer Tips

Summer is here and it’s a time again to rejoice in those glorious long hot days. In esoteric and eastern philosophies this is the time when the energy is at its peak and the gardens are blooming and abundant with delicious life giving food. In Traditional Oriental Medicine, a healing methodology called the 5 Phases […]

It’s Spring-time!

New-Beginnings As folklore tells us, for thousands of years, Spring has been recognized in many ancient traditions as the start of the true new year. This is the time to awaken and to make the changes for the natural year ahead. In the ancient wisdom of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Spring corresponds to the element of […]

Living with the Seasons

It may be said that time is our most valuable resource. Although, now-a-days we trade our time for money in order to live. Yet, once our time goes we can never get it back. Once upon a time people lived closer to nature. Remember, we are a part of nature. We may say that nature […]