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An Apology

After 30 years of practice I realise that every-one doesn’t want to get well with resolving underlying issues for achieving sustainable results … some merely seek ameliorative relief from their acute symptoms. Symptomatic Relief Symptomatic relief is also often referred to by many as a ‘band-aid’ approach. It may also be described as an ameliorative approach, to temporarily […]

Beating the ‘Beached Whale Syndrome’

We’re in such a world where so many people leave it to strangers to take care of them rather then taking responsibility for themselves. Hence, they prefer whining and moaning, relinquishing self-responsibility. They just tell their doctor to fix them and then just go and get stranded again. Save Me! In a commercial world, where consumerism is […]

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’ Are you looking for an better quality of life with an enhanced inner wisdom, self-love & happiness? Remember, as we are a part of nature, hence natures cycles are also within us. Enhance your wellbeing by tuning into your inner wisdom … being in-touch with […]


It’s biblical what’s happening at the moment! Can we really believe what we’ve been told by the main stream media? Many are confused about what’s happening because of widespread misinformation and deception. When the lies are exposed the truth will be revealed. Revelation; what must take place for things to happen! At the moment, throughout the world there’s […]


Are you still ‘fence sitting’? It may be ok to sit on the fence for a while, however if you’re stuck there for too long you may get splinters … and after a while it may begin to hurt! So many are in pain, with splinters because they’re undecided. It’s because they simply don’t know […]

Virus Mania

What if the modern-day orthodox medical paradigm of a virus is actually flawed? So, what’s the truth? Can we believe what the main-stream medical doctors, media and the government tells us? Whilst some of it may have some small element of truth to it, overall, you may be utterly surprised about the lies and deception […]

Get the Jab?

Whilst some have already decided … the question for many at the moment is ‘to jab or not?’ As with all decisions, the better informed that we are, the easier it is to make the best choice. However, once you start investigating, you’re likely to run into a few problems. It’s a hot potato … […]

Miss – Information

*** OPINION ONLY *** The irony of this so called ‘Information Age’ is that there seems to be so much ‘misinformation’. In this day and age of so much ‘fake news’ the big question is ‘what is true?’ Let’s investigate further. ChoicesAs with all decisions, the better informed that we are, the easier it is […]