Honour Thy Temple

In our modern day, fast-paced world, we so often forget about honouring the healing process. As an example, if we think that we can just replace a body part, would we be denying the opportunity for us to learn from our experience? If we to truly wish to heal, then we need to have a good re-look at what the healing process really is.

Awakening Awareness

We often forget that our body is our temple. It’s where we dwell. It’s where we go within, reflect, and learn the lesson we need to evolve. If we’re not feeling the discomfort, honouring the feeling, are we taking away the learning experience?

In so many of the radical interventions of todays procedures, stop to consider all of the aspects of our body, our life that we need to adjust to allow learning and hence healing to happen. As well as our body, we need to consider our mind, emotions and spiritual aspects.

Modern day Physicists know that our physical body is just energy. Yet, modern day ‘medical’ science somehow seems to look at our body as some mechanical machine.

After 30 years in practice I’ve found that most of our problems are because our mind and body are in different places. Our thoughts and feelings are in conflict, our head and body are not aligned. Throughout these 3 decades, I’ve practiced thousands of massage-bodywork sessions. So many people have asked me ‘who massages you?’ They’re so often so surprised when I say no-one, I actually take care of myself. Here’s an introduction of how you can do this for yourself.

Let’s face it, most people love a massage. It gives us an opportunity to touch base with our body and ‘come back home’. Our body is our emotional home where we feel comfortable to dwell. Yet if we’re dwelling on negative unresolved issues for too long we can become stuck. Our body reflects the quality of our life. Here, we’re discussing much more than just surviving. Our mission is to be functioning well and living vibrantly. This suggests that to function optimally, we need to be well aligned and tuned-in. Ideally we would practice techniques to enhance mind-body connection each day as a part of our lifestyle.

Our body-temple is what directs how the spirit moves through us and in turn how the spirit moves us. Remember, your body is where you dwell. We have our body for the whole of our life, so we need to do our best to take good care of it. Now is the time to start treating your body as your temple, to help enhance your overall well-being. Remember, a temple is where we practice respect, reverence and love. When we’re in love we’d do almost anything. When we don’t love our body we neglect it. Then in turn our body neglects us. To turn things around for the better we need to practice greater presence, devotion, with ways to worship, honour and nurture our mind-body relationship.

A Holistic Approach

So many people lack an appreciation, respect and honour of their mind-body relationship. They don’t actually realise that their body is their temple. Our body is a reflection of our life, our thoughts, emotions, experiences and much more. It’s a print-out of where we’re at. Each point in our body corresponds more specifically to these various aspects. Our temple houses our physical body of evidence that seems to be true for us. So, our body tells us a story, and we’ll keep remembering that if we don’t change our relationship with it. As we change our mind we also change our body and visa versa. How would enhancing your body-mind relationship enhance the quality of your life?

Enhancing Mind-Body Connection

If we neglect our body, then in turn our body neglects us. To turn things around for the better we need to get to know our body better by developing a more loving, intimate relationship with it. As our temple, it hosts a deep memory of a complex series of experiences with senses, feelings, emotions, passions and desires. All of these are intimately connected to many other aspects of our life. It’s like a complex web of inner and outer influences. Our mind-body connection is the pivot point, the doorway to access the intricate world that dwells within us and the world that extends outwards and beyond us. Consider the many mind-body aspects. We know of our genetic inheritance, our evolving environment, culture and our many relationships. Also there’s complex web of more subtle influences, likely to be well beyond our physical awareness.


Most people are so complacent, just staying stuck in their comfort zone until things get too uncomfortable. Maybe they’ll make a few little adjustments here and there just to get through the day, but they’re not really growing. Most people are not motivated to do something while they’re in their comfort zone. Typically, it’s discomfort, aches and pain that triggers us to do something different. So what would it take for you to enhance your mind-body connection, before it gets too uncomfortable?

Our body can often get’s stuck in a state. It can take so much negativity on and then repeats various limited patterns and roles, often dysfunctional. Our limitation is due to being disconnected from the whole. To turn our life around for the better we need to learn how to take good care of our ‘temple’ and enhance our inner presence, peace and calm. The first concept to grasp here is that beyond our seemingly physical body, we are more-so vibrating energy. Our body may be seen as a temple that directs our ’spirit’ to move, motivate and uplift us.

We may say that the temple contains the treasure and our mind is the key. The key unlocks the treasure chest within us, to release our inner wisdom. Only when they merge does the mind-body connection come alive, to exchange their complements. and access to infinite wisdom.

Your Next Step

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