The Cash Crises

Most people just don’t think about it … they don’t even think twice, they just flash their consumables on plastic. Yet, every transaction by your credit/debit card is traceable. So if the government were to ban cash there will be no privacy or freedom what-so ever.

Also, as we’ve already seen so often, the banks and various cashless payment systems so often have outages. Further-more, as we’ve seen, they can be simply shut down whenever the payment system chooses. Also, there’s so often ridiculous fees charged. Yet, cash is safe, it’s private, reliable and surcharge-free.

There’s certain vested interests that want us to become a cashless society. You may have noticed how bank branches and ATMs are gradually disappearing. As a result, communities are suffering. Without cash, Australia is weaker and we are all more vulnerable to system breakdowns, hackers, ID theft and fees. We have a right to choose to pay by cash. Take action now before it’s too late, to be part of winning the war on cash. Simply pay cash at every opportunity you have.

Our right to use cash must be protected by law. Cash is legal tender yet shops think that they have a right to reject cash in payment in favour of card and contact-less payments, which can be surcharged. Cash is safe, private, reliable and surcharge-free. Cash makes budgeting easy and never has ‘outages.’ Millions of Australians trust cash for their everyday needs. We must say ‘no’ to a cashless society by our actions.

Already, we can see that Australia has the beginnings of a cash crisis. Our access to cash is threatened as banks withdraw services, branches and ATMs from many towns and suburbs. They’ve left more than 1200 towns and suburbs without branches and over 900 towns and suburbs without ATMs. Also, to add to the problem some places can’t even buy food because floods are wiping out EFTPOS and cashless payment systems. Recently, Tasmanian EFTPOS services were disrupted when internet connecting cables to the mainland were cut, shutting down access to payments. In times of crisis and natural disasters, only cash is reliable. Banks must provide access to cash for communities to be able to access essential goods and services. This is more urgent than ever before.

Hundreds of suburbs and towns throughout Australia have no bank branch or ATM! The big four banks closed 459 bank branches across Australia between 2019 and 2021, and removed 3,803 ATMs. Meanwhile bank profits continue to go up. Commonwealth Bank recently reported a half-year net cash profit of $4.75 billion, up 23 per cent. Card, phone and EFTPOS payments deliver increasing fees and surcharges to banks. On the other hand, cash is free to use.

We need to ask, are there any community impact assessments conducted before a branch or ATM is shut down? After what happened in Canada recently with the government freezing bank accounts, we should all have learnt the lesson. We should be worried about moving to digital currency because the government could take total control of how much you can spend and what you can buy.

Say ‘no’ to a cashless society now by your actions. Pay by cash at every opportunity you have. We need to do this now to protect our privacy and freedom.

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