Beating the ‘Beached Whale Syndrome’

We’re in such a world where so many people leave it to strangers to take care of them rather then taking responsibility for themselves. Hence, they prefer whining and moaning, relinquishing self-responsibility. They just tell their doctor to fix them and then just go and get stranded again.

Save Me!

In a commercial world, where consumerism is the name of the game, there’s propaganda at almost every street corner and on the flat screen in almost every living room. It’s now the norm that the masses have become hypnotised to see a  ‘health’ practitioner if they’re not feeling well. This deep conditioning is now being so deeply entrenched that many employers, insurance agencies, transport departments, and the huge list goes on, won’t accept your word, about your own health until you’ve seen a registered medical doctor who seemingly knows best. It seems, the medical and drug industries have got the ‘game sewed up’.

So Comical!

A man walks into the doctors with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. He is grossly overweight, with a big pot belly, and says; ‘Doc, just fix me, but don’t expect me to change my way of life’

Who’s to Blame?

Sadly, with the ‘Beached Whale Syndrome’, the norm is to just go to a practitioner and say ‘fix me!’. And then, if they haven’t been ‘fixed’ they can blame others for their problems, rather than accepting responsibility themselves. The BWS is not a classified ‘medical’ syndrome per se, rather it’s an abstract, tongue in cheek illustration, that you’ll no doubt see is so common these days. Also, it’s not intended for the BWS to be offensive about some-ones’ physical appearance. Typically, those with BWS are so lazy, they’ve decided that it’s far too difficult to take care for themselves. They rather simply lay around, whinging, moaning and groaning about how others haven’t taken responsibility to take care of them.

Beating the Victim Mindset

Generally, those with BWS are often so tired, lazy, unresponsive and irresponsible, they fail to take any hint of self-responsibility for their own health. These poor lost souls often feel stranded, feeling that  they’ve succumb to being a victim of circumstance. They’re beached to stop themselves from drowning in their own sorrow. They just want to wait around and wallow for a while. Rather than taking any action, they prefer lying around, while whining and moaning resembling a beached whale. You may know someone who has fallen victim to this type of mentality. What’s more interesting is how those with BWS will attempt to claw at you if there’s any hint of weaning  them away from their slothful state. Don’t wait till you’ve drowned to make a change, look at empowering solutions now.

Learning How to Fish

You’ve most probably herd the saying; “you can give a man a fish and you feed him for a day” … you know how it goes … “teach him to fish and you feed him for life!” Learning ‘life-skills’ can save us from getting stranded. Do you learn these from your doctor? Consider, the medical fraternity doesn’t make money from ’empowered’ individuals.

Your Next Step

Sure, there are times to call out to others for help. But, be aware of making an addiction of dependency. Remember, also to look at ways you can take responsibility for self-care and save yourself. Remember, questions are empowering.

Your Options

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