Celebrating the Summer Solstice

‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’

Are you looking for an better quality of life with an enhanced inner wisdom, self-love & happiness?

Remember, as we are a part of nature, hence natures cycles are also within us. Enhance your wellbeing by tuning into your inner wisdom … being in-touch with your inner cycles.

Invest in your-self … be the best version of your-self … Self-Empowerment!

Come along and join us for the upcoming ‘Summer Solstice’ celebration.

Learn how to access your ‘Mojo’ and shine more in all aspects of your life. You’re welcome to come along and learn more.

Ra Bliss is presenting a talk;

The summer solstice is the the most powerful time of the year. It’s the natural climax, when we’re at our peak. For many ancient cultures the summer represents fire, which represents ‘spirit’ … most easily seen as the element of transformation. The solstice represents natures most significant ‘turning-point’ … it’s a culmination of the years activities. This is when the sun reaches its highest point and after this time it will begin its subtle ebb.

It’s the ultimate time to fully express your ‘Mojo’ … with exuberant aliveness, passion and ‘zest for life’

The Summer Solstice this year will be at 2:58 am on
Wednesday, 22 December 2021 – Australia Eastern Standard Time.

This ‘Summer Solstice’ celebration will be at ‘Sunrise’ on the North Burleigh Beachfront, Gold Coast.

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