It’s biblical what’s happening at the moment!

Can we really believe what we’ve been told by the main stream media? Many are confused about what’s happening because of widespread misinformation and deception. When the lies are exposed the truth will be revealed.

Revelation; what must take place for things to happen!

At the moment, throughout the world there’s many changes. You may heard of a movement called ‘The Great Reset’. However, along with this is also ‘The Great Awakening’. Because of the increasing constraints that’s attempted to be placed upon us by the so called ‘Con-Id’ myth, more and more people are becoming aware of the lies and deception we’ve been fed. However things are about to change.

The ending of something old leaves an opening for something else new.

Revelations is about exposing the misinformation, lies, deception, myths, etc. and from this realising a much greater truth, and hence wisdom. Once we enhance enhancing our relationship with the world, and we’re more aligned with this, we’ll be more able to tap into inner wisdom.

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