Get the Jab?

Whilst some have already decided … the question for many at the moment is ‘to jab or not?’ As with all decisions, the better informed that we are, the easier it is to make the best choice. However, once you start investigating, you’re likely to run into a few problems.

It’s a hot potato … far too hot for many to talk about. Further more, there’s much about the topic we can’t discuss about the topic. Whilst we may not be allowed to make any claims, we can ask questions.

What do we know? there’s many questions that we could ask about this ‘jab’ … and interestingly, as we do more and more research, you may discover that not all that we’re told on the 6 o’clock news is necessarily true.

In the last few weeks …. you may have heard there’s many reports about the serious adverse reactions of this latest jab. Is it a lot more serious then what we may consider? Could this mRNA genetic experimentation spell trouble for the human race?

What’s the End Game? … as while many may think that the ‘jab’ is for the ‘plandemic’ … there’s also many who believe that the ‘plandemic’ may actually be for the ‘jab’. Is this all a part of the plan for ‘Agenda 2030’, the ‘Great Reset’ and ‘Transhumanism’? … what’s your thoughts?

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