Do You Believe?

Once upon a time I believed in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. Then I found out it wasn’t true. Can you imagine how I felt when I realised I was being lied to? Why are we told so many lies? Maybe it’s to cover up embarrassment or simply try to control and manipulate us?

Nowadays, as we have more and more access to research resources, with the power if the internet, etc, more and more people are starting to uncover many other lies that we’ve been told.

So, what’s the truth?

Can we believe what the main-stream media tells us? Whilst some of it may have some small element of truth to it, overall, you may be surprised about the deception that you’re being fed. You may ask, so who’s accountable for this?

You may be surprised at just how many ways we’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes. How many ways in how many disciplines are we hoodwinked and deceived? If we look at education, history, medicine and law as just a few examples.  If we think about it, our society is so often exposed to propaganda for some purpose of promoting a point of view, with the end result of gaining influence, for power and profit.

Do you believe in the ‘Germ Theory’?

So many people just assume that this idea that microbes are out to make us sick and kill us. It’s most probably because it’s what the big pharma and the medical fraternity want you to believe. Why? Well, maybe because it’s the best model for them to have some sort of control over you and to make more money.

Is there any alternative to this most commonly accepted ‘Germ Theory’? Well, before Louis Pasteur stumbled upon the idea of killing germs there was. This was before Bechamp was labelled a ‘quack’ by J.D. Rockefeller and hence, the medical profession. Really, simply because ways of keeping healthy naturally didn’t really attract enough profit.

Consider, flies are only interested in a dirty, messy kitchen, not a clean one. Remember, fireman don’t start a fire. Fireman only arrive at a fire to put the fire out. Likewise, we may look at the function of bacteria, fungus and parasites. However, what about viruses? Could we have been told another lie about viruses, how viruses attack us make us sick and kill us?

How to Find the Truth

How do we uncover a lie? Learn the art of how to ask the most appropriate question to get the best response for all concerned.

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