Sadly, nowadays so many people lack interest in their own self-care, health, well-being and life. For some, it’s because they believe that the government and their doctor will best take care of them. Other reasons may be that they are in apathy, suffering overwhelm, are confused, frustrated and are feeling powerless. Here’s a commentary for friends, clients, colleagues and members only.

Unprecedented Times

As we’ve recently been hearing so often, we’re currently living in unprecedented times. With the events of 2020, understandably, many are in fear. We all have many different and varied ways to cope with fear. Many prefer to just bury their heads in the sand and pretend the issues will go away. For some, distraction is also a great technique. Hence, various forms of entertainment is a great way to take our eye off the target.

Awakening Awareness

When confronted with challenges, rather than falling asleep, this is when we need to be more wide awake. It’s the time to seek greater awareness about what’s really going on. Greater clarity can help us make better choices. Hence, to be more aware of our options, ‘pro-choice’, our rights and become more empowered.

Discerning the Truth

Admittedly, these can be confusing times as there seems to be so much misinformation. Who can we really believe, trust and rely upon? Let’s face it, most people feel safer with listening to the so-called ‘authorities’ … the various government departments, the main stream media, their doctor and so on. However, have you ever considered just how accurate, genuine and trustworthy these sources really are?

Why do We Lie?

Once upon a time, I believed in Santa Clause. Then I found out that it wasn’t true. Next, can you imagine how I felt when I discovered there’s also many other fallacies and myths. It’s said that the ‘world is a stage’ and we’re merely actors on that stage just ‘following the script’. So what happens when Alice wakes up from under that apple tree?

Censorship Controls

In case you didn’t know, there’s much that can’t be mentioned in this public blog due to various censorship controls. Interestingly, we may have different opinions, whether these restrictions are right or wrong?

Empowerment Meet-ups

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