Investigating The Rona

Have you ever wondered if this so called current crises is actually true?┬áSo what if we found that that there isn’t any CV? What if these medical research scientists were wrong? Is there actually any irrefutable proof that the CONVID actually exists?┬áThere’s been unclaimed rewards offered to prove that it actually does exists. What if we’re being lied to?

The Germ Theory

So, what if this whole ‘germ’ idea was propagated primarily to make money? Well, it seems that it probably was. The famous, French biologist, Pasteur wasn’t actually a doctor. However he’s renowned for his discoveries that lead to pasteurization and vaccination. It’s claimed by the medical fraternity that his discoveries saved lives. However, what did he recant on his deathbed?

The Terrain is Everything

Modern medicine lacks good philosophy and is primarily based on a false premise. It’s not the germs that cause disease, more-so it’s the toxic inner terrain. As an example, flies aren’t interested in a clean kitchen, only a dirty one. The bugs are actually our friends that help to clean up the inner toxic terrain.

Viruses Aren’t Alive!

Contrary to what’s generally promoted, virus are not alive. Were they ever alive? Biologists say no! Viruses are not made out of cells, they can’t keep themselves in a stable state, they don’t grow, and they can’t make their own energy. Viruses do not have the tools to replicate their genetic material themselves and do not display the features of than real living organisms.

What are Viruses?

It seems from the latest research that viruses are not what doctors previously thought they were. How embarrassing this must be for them to admit that all this time they were wrong? More-so, it seems that what they thought were viruses are actually ‘exosomes’!


Put simply, exosomes are probably best described as small parts of our cells that are shredded when exposed to excessive toxicity. Looking much like a virus, they contain such constituents as protein, DNA, and RNA of the cells that secrete them. So we may ask, why do our cells secrete these exosomes?


Nowadays, most of us are overfed, yet undernourished and at the same time exposed to an unprecedented barrage of toxins. Sure, much of this may be the chemicals from poor agricultural techniques in the food we eat. Yet, is it possible that much of the toxins we don’t see, as it’s in the air in the way of electro-magnetic pollution?


Is it possible that each time as new technology is released, it pays it’s toll upon us? Maybe also within us. Much concern has more recently been expressed about the possible negative effects of 5G. We may ask, why during the CONVID lock-down, were they still feverishly installing 5 GEE towers?

Hidden Agenda?

We may ask, is there a hidden agenda with these 5 GEE towers? Well, some are saying that this new invasion may be what’s actually causing CONVID. Is it possible our bodies don’t like these new microwaves? So, why the big push for the vax? Why alter our DNA and inject us with nanoparticles? Is there any connections with this and ‘tied Nations Agenda 2030?

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