Help Yourself – Save the World!

As you’ve probably already heard, we’re in ‘unprecedented times’. Whilst in one hand we may have gratitude for the many luxuries we enjoy in our modern society, at the same time we’re faced with mounting costs. It seems that along with this, also comes increasing restrictions. As an example, we can see this when anyone says something not in agreement with the official, main stream narrative, they’re censored and penalised.

Freedom of Speech

At these times, we may ask, do we really still have freedom of expression? Such as, the right to rigorous open scientific discussion? It seems that anyone who says something that’s busting the current paradigm, they’re faced with much the same as the book burning. So, whatever happened to real science?

New Paradigm

Some scientists, doctors and scientific researchers are not convinced that this current disease that the media is promoting is actually contagious. Also, some scientists seriously question whether this thing has been properly isolated and clearly identified as the actual real cause of this disease. Dr Thomas S. Cowan, MD is one such doctor. He goes even further and suggests that this thing is not even a virus.

Real causes of Disease

Dr Thomas S. Cowan, MD, after much research, questions even if there are there really such things as viruses as proposed by modern medicine. Or are are the symptoms that people are experiencing due to other things such as poor living conditions and toxicity from the likes of electromagnetic pollution. Could it even possibly from new technologies such as 5G?


Have you considered, how much of the symptoms being presented at the moment by this so called disease could be from radiation poisoning? This pandemic thing is said to be typically characterized by a lack of oxygen, widespread clotting, electrical or “fizzing” feelings, and degeneration of the lungs. These pretty much also fit the description of exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. Could the most likely culprit be microwave radiation from the recently roll-out of 5G?

Interestingly, the coincidence of this Covid-19 illness appeares to follow the deployment of 5G in Wuhan. Then again with Europe and then in the large cities in the United States.

Time to Take Action

How long do we need to be subjected to this dangerous electro-magnetic pollution? It’s time to take action to demand proper independent studies on the dangers of this electro-smog. We need real studies that’s done by scientists that’s independent of invested interests.

Dr Thomas S. Cowan, MD new book, ‘The Contagion Myth’, says that scientists from the U.S. Public Health Service were never able to prove that the Spanish Flu of 1918 was not due to he worldwide roll-out of radio towers, which just happened to burst on the scene at the same time. We may also ask the same about the more recent roll-out of 5G.

The Germ Myth

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is also a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Molecular Biologist with degrees from Duke University, South Carolina Medical University and MIT. He is another doctor that has been very outspoken throughout this so called pandemic, basically saying that this supposedly new disease is not caused by a virus.

This germ idea was initially promoted by Louis Pasteur. His germ theory of disease proposed that pathogens, such as viruses attack us and make us sick. However, if we look a little closer, this idea has never met the common-sense criteria of Koch’s postulates. Basically, these are criteria to establish a causative relationship with subjecting healthy bodies to a specific pathogen.

The official explanation for many of todays diseases, including so called pandemics is a ‘dangerous, infectious virus’. Actually, as a paradigm shift, the latest scientific research shows that we live in symbiotic relationship with bugs in our intestinal tract. It just so happens that bacteria actually helps us in so many ways.

There’s currently a paradigm shift around viruses. What we think were viruses may be actually exosomes. Rather than viruses being harmful, exosomes actually help us expel the body of toxins. Amongst these environmental threats, we must also consider radiation and possibly 5G.

Current Climate

How crazy, with our current social distancing, wearing of masks, track and tracing, genetic testing and the promotion of genetic modifying vaccines as the solution.

Will these actually solve the problem? The solution will more likely be to resolve the cause of the problem. Is scientific corruption harming our wellbeing? Rather than just leaving it to these corporations, we the people need to empower our-self to challenge and address the underlying causes of our current crises.

The book, ‘The Plague of Corruption’ by Dr Judy Mikovits, basically seems to suggest that the reason this isn’t beiong managed properly is because there’s hidden agendas. These restrictions of our freedoms seems to be making more and more people question, what’s really going on. Many are asking, perhaps there is no real ‘coronavirus’ at all, perhaps, as Pasteur said on his deathbed, ‘the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything’.

Change Our World!

As we empower our-self, we can also transform our world into a better place. Along this path, there’s many important issues to be addressed. One of these is about freedom of expression. Firstly we must awaken awareness, then we need to pluck up the courage and be prepared for the discomfort that may follow by not following the herd.

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