Summer Solstice Summit


Are you looking for an enhanced quality of life with more love & happiness? Come along and join us with this 2 day full live-in Self-Development Retreat at glorious Mt Tamborine … ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the World’.

Remember, you are precious … you are unique & you have uniquely powerful talents! … I welcome to come along and learn more on how to ‘Find, Ignite & ‘Boost Your Mojo’ … Your Mojo is your special ‘niche in life’ … it’s where you ‘shine more than anything else’ … Learn how to access your unique talents and let them shine more in all aspects of your life.

Invest in Your-self … Be the best version of Your-self … Self-Empowerment!

Ra Bliss is presenting the following life changing seminars;

– Find, Ignite & ‘Boost Your Mojo’ … for greater Aliveness, Passion and ‘Zest for Life’
– ‘Recreational Breathing’ … learning how to breathe – ‘Inspiration for Creative Living’
– ‘Conscious Creations’ … ‘Break-Free’ from ‘Victim Mentality’ for ‘Self-Empowerment’
– ‘Ultra-Mind Dynamics’ … your keys to ‘Awakening Awareness’ and ‘Super Consciousness’

PLUS 4 amazing guest seminars & workshops including; awareness of movement exercises, movement-meditation, Taoist Chi-Gong, E-Motion Yoga and Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing.

This ‘Summer Solstice Summit’ is a dynamic 2 day full live in retreat that will change your life! It’s recommended to arrive Friday afternoon to relax and join in the evening for dinner and introductory seminar. Also stay longer on Sunday evening a wonderful celebration dinner. At this summit, all accommodation and all meals are included

This is your special time to De-stress … Re-connect … Re-charge … Re-vitalise … Re-invigorate!

The summer solstice is the the most powerful time of the year, it’s the true climax, when we’re at our peak. For many ancient cultures the summer represents fire, which represents ‘spirit’ … most easily seen as the element of transformation. The solstice represents natures most significant ‘turning-point’ … it’s a culmination of the years activities. This is when the sun reaches its highest point and after this time it will begin its subtle ebbing shift again.

The 2 Day Summer Solstice Summit is on Saturday & Sunday 16th & 17th December 2017 … the venue is glorious Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

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