7 Top Tips to keep your Passion Alive!

Let’s face it, really without passion we’re lifeless. Sadly, too many people now-a days are operating just like robots. Quiet frankly, they’re pounding away on the treadmill but not getting anywhere. It’s as though they’ve been conditioned or hypnotised into a program. Somehow, they believe they must cast away their true passion in order to survive in a hostile world. Hence, so many people suffer so much because their passion is waning. However, the great news is that there is a much better option. Here, we discuss ways we may live a happier life in the modern world.

1- Learn how to love your life. This also includes to learn how to love your self, your body, emotions, mannerisms, characteristics, etc. Remember, we are an accumulation of experiences we’ve collected in our journey through-out life. Learn how to lovingly embrace these precious experiences. Remember your body is your vehicle to help navigate you through the all too often treacherous terrain through-out life. So, learn how to take good care of your body. I’ve often used the term; ‘Honor Thy Temple’ … be true to your body and your body will love you back.

2 – Discover your true colors. To do this we need to unveil our ‘true -self’ by becoming more authentic on who we truly are. Being authentic is also about acknowledging your own strengths and weaknesses. We all have different aptitudes. Essentially this is our innate, unique and natural ability to excel in a chosen area of life. It may say that this is our niche. As we honor our ‘true-self’ we also boost our self-esteem. Don’t let skeptics hold you back. Know that you’re worthy of having what you want and to have your desires. Self-esteem is really much the same as loving yourself.

3 – Acknowledge your unique ideas, talents and abilities. Also remember to be open to new ideas. As we learn we also grow. Set the scene to keep inspired, stimulated and motivated. Ask the right questions to get what you want. Learn how to creating awareness of your feelings. Develop your intuition. Be aware of how the choices we make reflects what happens in our life. Our choices are often only as good as our knowledge. Greater choices may lead to greater action that can best connect us to our true passion. Cultivate greater awareness to acknowledge what is meaningful and purposeful about your passion.

4 – Discover your passion. Our passion is what makes us happy. Simply said, any work isn’t really work when you’re truly passionate about what your doing. What’s more, if you’re passionate about what you do, you will do great work. Our passion comes from the heart. Once we’re taped into our passion it’s much easier to define our purpose. Whilst our passion is what makes us happy, our purpose is to focus on creative ideas to fulfill our passion.

5 – Follow your true purpose. Many people lack a purpose in life. This is because it may take some ‘soul-searching’. A clear sense of purpose helps to give us some direction. It clearly helps to guide us as to what step to take next. Also, by following our purpose is essentially how we can feel most fulfilled. It may be said that fulfillment is analogous to satisfaction and happiness. Many say that happiness is the ultimate purpose of life. Your purpose defines your focus and ambitions. Ambitions are what drives us. They are the goals we wish to achieve.They are what lifts our spirits and moves us forward. These are what brings us the meaning for being here.

6 – Learn how to Find, Ignite and Boost your Mojo. Your ‘Mojo’ is your special niche in life. It’s where you shine more than anyone else. Your ‘Mojo’ is essentially your reason to get up in the morning. It’s how you enjoy life the most. To find your ‘Mojo’ we need to love our life enough to tap into your true hearts desires. Our purpose is to fulfill our true passion. We need to cultivate the courage to follow our purpose. We may do this by being true to our-self. As we become more authentic, we raise our self esteem. We feel better about who we are. Be prepared to learn the necessary lessons to become more aware, present and more conscious. Essentially taping into our true passion and purpose is about raising our consciousness.Remember to engage in ‘self-development’. Get coaching, mentoring to help enhance the quality of your life.

7 – Get Coaching.This is where the rubber really hits the road. To be successful you actually need to take appropriate action. We need to do what it takes to grab hold of your passion and put things in place to make them happen. It’s about getting in alignment with your true purpose. If you think about it, most successful people have coaches in their chosen field. If we think of sports athletes, dancers, actors or even the likes of chess players, the reason most of them is so successful is because of a coach. So, can you also obviously see the benefit in having a ‘life-coach’ to help inspire, motivate, mentor and guide you to improve the quality of your life. Life-style coaching can help to design and your life-style. ‘Mojo Mentoring’ is an exciting ‘life-coaching’ and self-development course.

‘Mojo Mentoring’ can help you find, ignite and boost your ‘Mojo’. Learn how to tap into your true hearts desires. Develop the strategies to put your prioritised plans in place. Then, how to successfully follow your plans. Mostly, you only get what you make happen. Sometimes, it may actually take some work. It’s important to get a balance of your desires and what’s practical.
In other words, our passion and purpose needs to be in alignment of our practical needs. Basically, it’s a balance of what you’re good at, how you can best contribute to others. It’s about meeting what the world needs with your passion. Also, importantly it’s about how you can reap the benefits and get paid well too.

Bonus benefits of embracing your passion is that you’ll most likely enjoy better health, enhanced relationships, greater success in your career and generally live a much happier life.

Ask yourself; Are you doing what you love? … if you are not doing what you love, then what are you doing? Simply ask, what does the world need now? … then ask what are you good at … and how can I meet those needs while also embracing my passion. And then, importantly, how can I best be recompensed for my talents and abilities.

Remember, in many ways, as we help others we also help our-self. So, learn how can you live with greater purpose today, to live a longer and healthier life.

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