Holy Mothers Month

Tis a special month … in gratitude to all mothers … and the grand-mother of all … our Mother Earth!

Mother Earth unconditionally supports and nurtures us, despite what we do to her.
She provides the grounding, foundation, the platform and the nest for us to nestle in and rest.
All mothers instinctively have the same nurturing ‘yin’ qualities. This feminine essence allows us to feel safe, be nurtured and grow and ultimately for us to evolve!

Lets celebrate this mothers day .. for the whole month … for all mothers, our mother, grandmothers and our sacred mother ‘Earth’. What a great day to appreciate, and celebrate motherhood! We are all part of Mother Earth, lets to-day have gratitude, acknowledging ‘Mother Earth’ as our ultimate nurturer, providing nourishment, support, comfort, and learning and provides everything we need to live well.

Let’s raise awareness to recognise how the commercial world and its forms of exploitation, abuse and contamination have caused great destruction, degradation and disruption of our ‘Mother Earth’, putting life as we know it today at risk.

Please do what you can to help reserve the inherent rights for our ‘Mother Earth’.

Remember also to nurture your own ‘Holy Temple’ … the ‘yin’ vessel that supports your spirit. This mothers day, rather than just pay to give your mother some flowers or a massage, let her learn how to be empowered … by learning how to massage herself.

Learn how to tune into the wisdom our our ‘Temple’ as a reflection of ‘Mother Earth’. Much can be appreciated when we take the time and learn how to re-connect with our body through self-massage.

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