How to BEAT ‘Up-tight-itis’

Are are suffering from ‘up-tight-itis’? … so what exactly is ‘up-tight-itis’ Syndrome?
You probably know the type .. they’re typically up-tight, … they hold on tight to what ever they’ve got … they cannot easily let-go and .. they’re sooo up-tight they fail to let anything freely come they’re way .. hence, they’re closed off to new opportunities.

Sadly, so many people nowadays are suffering with ‘up-tight-itis’ syndrome … with excessive stress, pain and fatigue. Of course, this is not a real syndrome , per se, yet it clearly helps to illustrate how so many people suffer day by day. Don’t be a victim of this ghastly scourge … let go and take a step forward to achieve better outcomes and quality of life.

Honour Thy Temple and your temple will in return honour you. Experience how relaxed you can feel with a great session of ‘Self-Massage’. Yet, interestingly, so many people are shy about ‘touching’ themselves. Sadly, ‘self-touch’ has a lot of inbuilt shame, embarrassment and ‘dirtyness’ about it. Yet, it’s a part of nature to nurture our-self with touch.

Really, most people unconsciously rub an area here and there, now and then,
Yet, how often do yo take the time to sit down and consciously massage yourself?

As you nurture yourself well, you take to reward yourself. You give your body recognition. By recognising your body with nurturing we enhance self love. Self love is the pre-requesite for any healing.We may be talking about simply helping to get over a tough day at work or helping to overcome some chronic debility. Self massage can also be great to help enhance our performance.

Self massage is about embracing our body with a positive caring attitude. As we embrace how we are our body we enhance consciousness.Consciousness is much about embracing responsibility for our creation. It’s about consciously recognising how we’re creating whatever our body is experiencing. Then we may become awakened to the infinite possibilities of that you can create in your physical form.

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