We all know that the ‘New-Year’ doesn’t really start till after the Australia Day holiday weekend. Really, from Christmas and the New-Year to Australia Day seems like just one big holiday. Well, especially here on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland. I have to say that I think most people these days work too hard and long. We really need to work less and enjoy life more.

Each year, my new-year starts in February. This year I’m especially excited to announce that I’m teaming-up with ‘Radiant Face and Body’ clinic at Robina. Also, Melody & I will be presenting some exciting seminars together in 2017. We’ll also be traveling to various locations through-out Australia, and we’d love to catch up with you along the way.

For a list of upcoming seminars in 2017 – please click below

Upcoming Seminars – Workshops – Courses & Retreats for 2017

How’s your ‘New-Years’ resolution going?

For most, their ‘New-Year’ resolutions have already fallen by the wayside.
So many people had wanted to ‘improve their health’, ‘loose weight’, ‘get back into shape’ and ‘get fitter’ and yet somehow, for most they’ve ‘failed’ miserably … usually within just the first few days. Hence, sadly so many people are suffering poor health and a poor lifestyle.

As a Naturopath for over 25 years I’ve found that underlying most health problems is stress. I’ve also found that most stress is caused by a poor lifestyle. Hence, to improve our health we need to improve our lifestyle.

To read my full article – ‘The 7 main reasons why most peoples New Year Resolutions Fail … and how to turn it around for the better!’ – please click below

The 7 main reasons why most New Year Resolutions Fail … and How to Turn It Around for the Better!

‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring

My emphasis for 2017 is to help my clients achieve better results and live an enhanced life with a ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.

This is a 32 week course – presented through-out 2017.The best way to get started is to come along and join us at the next Holistic Life-style seminar. It begins with an exciting 1 day seminar on the 25th February. As a special introductory offer here’s a great opportunity to take the first step to get started. The focus of this 1 day seminar is on helping to achieve better results and improve people’s lives – ‘Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’. To find out more – please click below

Holistic Life-style Mentoring Course