Holistic Life-style Mentoring Course

My emphasis for 2017 is to help my clients ‘achieve better results’ and ‘live an enhanced life’ with a ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.
This is a 32 week course – presented through-out 2017. It begins with an exciting ‘Holistic Life-style Coaching’ 1 day seminar on the 25th February 2017.

The Holistic Life-style Coaching seminar is on the 25th February 2017
This seminar comprises of 4 components;
– How to Beat Stress, Pain & Fatigue
– How to Find, Ignite & Boost Your Mojo
– Conscious-Creations
– Ultra-Mind-Dynamics

‘Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’ – The focus of this 1 day seminar is to help ‘achieve better results’ and to improve people’s lives – ‘Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’. It’s emphasis is on ‘Holistic’ lifestyle – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual … also with: business, environmental, relationships and consciousness.

The seminar includes;
Stress Awareness
How to Transform Stress into Success
How to Boost Vitality

Mojo Mentoring … living smarter with creativity
How to live in alignment with your true purpose.
Gain greater confidence, enjoy deeper happiness
Live the life your were born to live.

Conscious-Creations … ‘Consciously Creating our Reality’

Ultra-Mind-Dynamics … The keys to ‘Super Consciousness’

Also, as a special introduction this 1 day seminar is a great opportunity to get started on the 1 year course.
The best way to get started on the 1 year ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ is to come along and join us at the 1 day Holistic Life-style seminar.

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