Summer Solstice Spiritual Gathering

You’re invited to join us at this years ‘Summer Solstice Spiritual Gathering’

It’s on at 7pm QLD (AEST) time on Wed. 21st of December

The Summer Solstice is the peak ‘spiritual’ time of year. Some say that this was the original Christmas. The ‘Solstice’ is natures’ true ‘turning-point’. For many ancient cultures, who were in tune with nature, the solstice represents a culmination of something especially significant … it’s the most ‘Yang’ masculine powerful day of the year.

The Sun represents fire … which represents ‘spirit’ … acknowledged element of transformation that can consume, change, shed light on and purify.

Enjoy the fire to celebrate the special event with a solstice ceremony as well as live music with Oshan and Ryszard … also please feel welcome to bring along a musical instrument.

To book – please click here