Learn how to take responsibility for ‘self-care’ with ‘hands on’ techniques to reduce stress, relieve pain and fatigue. Also in this seminar you will learn how to find, Ignite & boost your ‘Mojo’. Your ‘Mojo’ is youe special niche in life, it’s where you shine more than anyone else. Also, this seminar is for self-empowerment, creativity, achieving success and to regain your passion and zest for life!

Esoteric Acupressure is for ‘self-care’. It’s about beating the ‘beached whale syndrome’. The ‘beached whale syndrome’ is when someone is so lazy they don’t want to take responsibility for their own health. Applying these easy techniques is a great way to gaining self-empowerment. As we embrace responsibility for self-care, we may all experience greater transformation in our life. Self-transformation is about awakening awareness, improving our-self with self-growth and evolving in consciousness.Consciousness is about making better choices in life for turning opportunities into greater success.

Acupressure could be describes as acupuncture without needles. Hence, simply it’s applying pressure on specific points on the body.These points are usually on energy meridian pathways. These meridians relate to various body organs and systems. It’s sad that Acupressure was developed in the Orient over 5,000 years ago. It’s been show over this time as a preferred modality for healing.

There’s may ways of applying acupressure. This seminar focuses more on ‘esoteric’ aspects. Esoteric is hidden wisdom. It’s hidden from the mind-set of the world. Most people are stuck in a mind-set. They’ve trapped themselves in a limited paradigm. This seminar is about tapping into our inner wisdom. As we regain our connection to nature, we re-connect to the true nature of our-self. Over 25 years as a practitioner I’ve seen how most health problems are from a poor lifestyle. Hence, to improve our health we need to enhance our lifestyle. Hence, this seminar is about practicing acupressure techniques as a lifestyle.

In this ‘self-care’ esoteric acupressure seminar you will learn techniques for the awakening of consciousness. You will also learn the following:
* Assess your own signs and symptoms for self-care
* Self massage lymphatic reflex points (to facilitate cleansing)
* Integration exercises (enhance relaxation, creativity, intuition, intelligence)
* Stretching techniques (to improve posture, breathing, relaxation and vitality)
* Emotional Integration (to help resolve issues & create clarity)
* Flick the switch from stress to success (achieve results easier)
* Consciously create desired goals (overcome victim mentality)
* Use Mudras, Mantras and Marma points (for relaxation, boost vitality)
* Chakra Transformation (awaken awareness and raise consciousness)
* ‘Hands-off’ remote techniques … & much more

BEAT the ‘Beached Whale Syndrome’ … don’t leave it for others to save you! Don’t be a victim of circumstances … take responsibility for self care – help yourself!

Your presenter: Ra Bliss – highly acclaimed Self-Development & Spiritual Transformation Coach, over 25 years has facilitated thousands of people on the path of self-development, self-empowerment, spiritual growth and transformation through private consultations, seminars, workshops and courses.

Date: 9am to 5pm Saturday 26th November 2016
Venue: on the glorious Gold Coast, Queensland.

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