Newsletter – Spring 2016

Spring-News-Logo-A1Hey, it’s spring!

Spring into Life
As folklore tells us, spring has been recognised for thousands of years, in many ancient traditions as the start of the true new year. This is the time to awaken and to make the changes for a more successful year ahead. To read full article – please click here

Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the World
Sadly, so many people these days are so stressed. As a Naturopath for over 25 years, I consider the main aspect that causes poor health is a poor lifestyle. Hence, I suggest, to enhance our wellbeing we need to improve our lifestyle. To to improve our lifestyle we need to embrace more happiness. The main theme for this years’ Spring Equinox Self-Development Retreat is: ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the World’ – To read full article – please click here

Upcoming Events
I’m especially excited to be presenting the following series of seminars and workshops this Spring

Gold Coast – September 2016 – 2 Day Spring-Equinox Self-Development Retreat – Sat. & Sun. 24th & 25th September 2016
– for more details & to book – please click here

Gold Coast – October 2016 – 1 Day Self-Care ‘Esoteric Acupressure’ Seminar – Sat. 15th October 2016
– for more details & to book – please click here

Upcoming events during November will be a series of seminars in Sydney.

Spring Equinox Retreat
The spring equinox is the most significant transition time for awakening awareness. It’s the time that reflects renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth, resurrection, regrowth and of new life. To find out more join us for the ‘Spring Equinox 2 Day Self-Development Retreat’ – for more details and to book – please click here

Your Special Discount Link
If you’re disappointed you’ve missed the ‘Crazy Early-Bird’ Discount that has just expired … then here’s your last chance! When booking for the ‘Spring-Equinox’ Retreat, to receive your $100 off, simply apply this Discount Code: SESDR040916 – valid up to Sunday night 4th September only- for more details and to book – please click here

Special Offer
For Spring 2016, my focus is more on ‘Lifestyle Coaching’ with an emphasis on a Holistic approach to Stress management. During September only I am offering a free 30 minute computerised stress assessment. This ‘state of the art’ technology measures your stress levels will help to offer feedback on how to manage your stress. I am offering this complimentary 30 minute assessment & Lifestyle coaching on Tuesdays through September only at Radiant Clinic at Robina. To book, please phone Nina on 0755788092

Liver Detox
Spring is well known as the ideal time to do a liver detox. Yet the old idea that the best way to detox is to go without food may be well outdated. The latest research shows how we actually need an abundance of nutrients to support the detox process. However, remember, everybody is different. To find out more book a Naturopathic consultation to discuss your individual requirements. To book, please phone Rachel on 0755228902

‘How to BEAT Stress, Pain and Fatigue’ E-Book is full of revealing surprises.In to-days too hectic life-style, many are seeking ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’. In this E-Book, Ra Bliss artfully presents a ‘Holistic’ approach for ‘Self-Care’ to help enhance well-being through a better lifestyle. If you enjoy whinging and whining, and holding on to your stress, pain and fatigue then this book is not for you. Yet, if you are serious about making a difference for greater well-being and happiness, well here’s your opportunity.

This ‘Give-Away’ is normally worth $19.90 each, but is yours Free for the 1st 100 downloads only To receive your FREE download copy – please click here

with blessings for spring,

Ra Bliss