Solistice Holiday

Winter Solstice 2016

How are you celebrating your Winter Solstice ‘Holy’ Day?

Throughout history, the ‘Winter-Solstice’ has always been a most significant and sacred time for humanity.

We may say that at the depths of the ‘Winter Solstice is the most magical and mystical time, as it’s about retreating to the essence of our soul. It’s time of quiet reflection, tuning in and tapping into our inner wisdom. At this we are closest to the core .. of touching the seat of our soul.

Once called ‘Saturnalia’ … many say this was the true origins of Christmas. Saturnalia, was once honored with a sacred feast and festival … and ceremony to celebrate the deeper aspect of our self.

So what does the Winter Solstice mean for you?
Many know how, astrologically, this significant event marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This natural event happens only once each year, and yet in this so called ‘modern age’ while the masses remain very much hypnotised in a trance, and distracted by the worldly commercial events, simply, most people have no idea. These days, it’s really only a handful of conscious beings that are aware of the real significance of this natural phenomenon.

So many people simply say .. ‘who cares?’ … as they’re distracted by their daily work rituals. And yet, why do so many people celebrate Christmas, especially when research indicates, and many agree that most probably Jesus was not even born on that day anyway? The answer for most is that they just blindly follow the ‘habitual ritual’ … even if they don’t even have a clue what it really represents for them. For many is just a great excuse to have a ‘holiday’ … to ‘eat, drink and be merry’.

What’s more, in this so called ‘advanced modern age’ not many people appreciate how we’re intrinsically connected with nature … how this natural event effects us and how it can also empower us. Could this be because in this modern scheme of things … many people are actually living in a fantasy … a sort of ‘fictional’ made up reality.

A time for Spiritual Transformation

It’s said that the Solstice is actually an ideal time to ‘turn the tables’, so to speak … a powerful time of reversal .. to break the ‘spell’. This can have a powerful cleansing effect on our mind, body and emotions. We could say it’s like a switch, a turn around from an outer expression to a more inner reflection. As we observe our unconscious conditioning, it may give us more power to to choose .. to select ways to live more consciously.

In the midst of the ‘Winter Solstice’ the spirit of the sun sits at its lowest ebb. Hence, it’s the moment we take time to retreat, hibernate, go within and passively reflect. At this time, there’s a turning of the tide, so to speak. After overcoming the depths of winter, comes the transition towards spring when life is renewed or reborn.

For humanity, this major event was once acknowledged as a major celebration. However, of course in the northern hemisphere, today we may see how this has been pretty much hijacked by what we know as Christmas. Then the new year has been changed to January. In the southern hemisphere, even though at the peak of summer, the ritual is just blindly followed.

At the ‘Winter Solstice’ we may say that, at this most significant event, there’s like a gap in time, a sort of sabbatical, when a gateway slides open. This gateway allows us to gain a deeper insight as we touch upon the more hidden aspects of our-self … honouring the deeper aspects of our soul. Astrologically, we may say that ‘Saturnalia’ symbolically relates to Saturn, being about form, structure, hierarchy and control. Traditionally Saturn controls time. Legend says how it also relates to our Karma … as we sow so shall we reap.

A time for Soul Searching

It just so happens, at this time … the spirit is at its weakest and the soul has the greatest influence upon us. She reigns supreme. It may be said, the soul is our foundation, she’s the core, at the seat of who we truly are. By going deeper within we are then able to express ours-elf more clearly. At this major time of the turn-around, for a moment she becomes the dominant force in our life … She sets the stage for the next solar return. At this time, the yin aspect becomes full … at its maximum peak state. The feminine principal rises over the masculine. At this most soulful time … we honour the feminine principle as she sets the scene, so to speak. This is the special, sacred time to surrender our thoughts to the feelings within the body. When our mind submits to our soul magic can happen. The wisdom of the soul is revealed. She guides our ideas, aspirations and motivations for the best benefit of all.

We may say that this is the ideal time for soul searching. More-so than thinking, just being a silent witness, to passively reflect upon the deepest aspect of our-self. It’s the time to connect with the Goddess. This is when the feminine may bring her mystical and magical presence to the surface. The feminine presence symbolises the quest for knowledge, truth, a deeper understanding and greater appreciation. It’s the time that the matriarch archetype rules, that is, astrologically hyper-functioning Saturn. Saturn is about setting the standards, to maintain domination, with ruling power, manipulation and control.

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