What’s Your Mojo? …


Autumn is a time to reflect upon the past year, how well your dreams, goals, desires and aspirations have manifested for you. Sadly, many fail for 2 main reasons … to find out more please read on ….

Sadly, many people are a victim of circumstances, they fail to achieve their goals for 2 main reasons … because they haven’t clearly identified their problems, hence learnt their lessons from the past and they haven’y clearly identified their true desires and passion for the future. The ‘Conscious-Creations’ process is very different. The more we consciously create … the more conscious we become. An introduction to ‘Conscious Creations’ is presented at the next ‘BLISS-MOJO’ seminar … to learn more find out about the ‘Conscious Creations’ process – please click here

It may be said that time is our greatest resource, yet sadly most people spend most of their time doing what they don’t really love and as a consequence can’t find the time to spend doing the things they truly love. Ra presents the ‘BLISS-MOJO’ Self-Development seminar to help you ‘find, ignite & BOOST your MOJO … your special niche in life … it’s where you shine more than anyone else! … to find out more – click here

‘Esoteric Self-Acupressure’ seminar
As a naturopath I see how many health problems simply reflect a conflict between what our mind thinks and the body feels. I use an array of bodywork modalities to help clients to become more connected. I also promote self-care massage techniques to help gain greater mind and body integration. In the ‘Esoteric Acupressure’ seminar I’ll be presenting techniques, specifically with acupressure points on the body. Many of the uses of these points are not very well known to most people. By practicing these specific techniques, you may become aware of a greater insight about yourself … to find out more – please click here

Mothers Day
It’s almost May, and this mothers day, while we appreciate the role of all mothers in our society, let’s also give gratitude to our mother Earth, how she has nurtured us all. It may be said that Earth is the mother of us all. Remember how she is sacred and the source of life that feeds and cares for all living beings in her womb. Read more about how the Bolivian government passed the “Law of Mother Earth” which gives rights to her as a living system … for more info. – please click here

Newsletter May 2016