Esoteric Acupressure


As a naturopath I see how many health problems simply reflect a conflict between what the mind thinks and the body feels. In my practice, I use massage as an adjunct modality. In essence, I use an array of bodywork modalities to help clients to become more connected, and therefore to help resolve the issues at hand.


I also see how many of our health problems are much to do with a poor lifestyle. Hence, to improve our well-being, we simply need to improve our lifestyle. I promote self-care, to take greater responsibility for our own well-being. Hence, I recommend simple ‘Self-Care Massage’ techniques to help gain greater mind and body integration.


I do not consider massage as an alternative treatment. Let’s face it, self-massage is really something that we all do naturally every day. Just observe, when someone’s stressed how they naturally rub their forehead, as an example. With ‘Self-Care Massage’ techniques, we’re simply applying this techniques with greater awareness and intention.


In the ‘Esoteric Acupressure’ seminar I’ll be presenting self-care massage techniques, specifically with acupressure points on the body. Many of the uses of these points are not very well known to most people. ‘Esoteric’ simply means hidden knowledge. By practicing these specific techniques, you may become aware of a greater insight about yourself.


Ultimately, practicing these techniques are about ways that can help to improve your lifestyle. With practicing these self-massage techniques, they may help you in addressing the core issues, that may have been holding you back. You may find how these core issues to be what’s been sabotaging your success in life.


In this seminar, we’ll be embracing an holistic approach to handling what is commonly termed as stress, pain and fatigue. Essentially, we will be exploring ways to resolve the conflicts between what we think and how we feel. We’ll be discussing some simple practices to help integrate the various aspects of our mind and body. Often, once this integration happens, there may be a ‘turning point’ so to speak. So rather than opposing forces being locked into a negative downward spiral there may be a transformation and step forward for the better.


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