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What’s Your Mojo? …

Autumn is a time to reflect upon the past year, how well your dreams, goals, desires and aspirations have manifested for you. Sadly, many fail for 2 main reasons … to find out more please read on …. Conscious-Creations Sadly, many people are a victim of circumstances, they¬†fail to achieve their goals for 2 main […]


The more we consciously create, the more we create consciousness. We all have many aspects of our being. As we move closer to embracing and integrating these many aspects we become more connected. It may be said that ‘connectedness’ is analogous to consciousness. As we connect with our shadow, we may allow the light to […]

Esoteric Acupressure

As a naturopath I see how many health problems simply reflect a conflict between what the mind thinks and the body feels. In my practice, I use massage as an adjunct modality. In essence, I use an array of bodywork modalities to help clients to become more connected, and therefore to help resolve the issues […]