The Magic of Autumn …


Can you believe it’s Autumn already? …

Autumn’s that magical time of year … it’s about ‘transformation’. In Traditional Oriental Medicine, autumn correlates with the element ‘metal’, which is about conductivity, giving and receiving, letting-go and change … it’s about reflection in our ‘maturity’ phase … about wisdom, empowerment, revelations and growth! Yes, our world is changing … are you keeping abreast of the changes?

This Autumn Equinox I’m presenting a 1 day seminar. It’s about improving the quality of our life. You will learn ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’. The Autumn Equinox is the transformational time of the year. This is the most significant time of the year to participate in transformational courses.

In the Autumn Equinox 1 day seminar I’m talking about ‘Beating the Beached Whale Syndrome’ … this is how many succumb to being a victim of circumstance. Don’t leave it for others to save you, instead, take responsibility for self-care and save yourself. I’m also teaching ‘Esoteric Self-Acupressure’ – ‘hands on’ techniques to take responsible for ‘Self-Care’ and the transformation of consciousness. Learn how to beat ‘stress, pain and fatigue’ and ‘how to find, ignite and boost your ‘Mojo’. Your ‘Mojo’ is your special niche in life, it’s where you shine more than anyone else. Also I’m presenting the principles of ‘Ultra-Mind-Dynamics’ and Conscious Creations’ as powerful tools to make a positive change in your life. Also, as a special – FREE bonus at Saturday lunchtime, I’m presenting an extra segment. It’s called; ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’. In this I also speak about the ‘Money Myth’ and ‘Principles for Prosperity Consciousness’. Also, Saturday evening, I’m presenting another bonus segment. It’s called; ‘Spiritual Relationships’. Some of the content is adopted from my seminars, ‘Spiritual Sexuality’. It’s about cultivating ‘Win/Win Relationships for Spiritual Growth’.

The ‘Autumn Equinox 1 Day Seminar’ is on Saturday 19th March 2016

The venue for this years’ Autumn Equinox series of seminars is the glorious Gold Coast Hinterland, in Queensland.

Morning & afternoon refreshments are included. Accommodation and main meals are not included in the seminar cost. Accommodation and restaurants are available nearby.

There is also an optional advance practical workshop on Sunday 20th March 2016. More details will be available for qualifying students towards the end of the 1 day seminar.

Please book early to secure your discounted tickets before the limited places are booked out. Your direct booking link is: