How to Find, Ignite & ‘Boost Your Mojo’ … for more Aliveness, Passion and ‘Zest for Life’


Have you ever noticed how as we age, somehow we become a little bit slower and somewhat more resistant to embracing what life has to offer? Maybe, you may have noticed, also for yourself how you don’t quiet jump out of bed and skip to your daily activities the same way you did when you were younger. Maybe you keep putting off getting involved in that sporting activity, going to the gym, heading out for that party, at least not quite as enthusiastically as you once did!

Maybe, you know anyone who has withdrawn from life. It has been said, that death is not the final collapse into the grave, more so it creeps into our life along the way, each moment that we are not fully alive.

I’m sure you would agree, that we all have many challenges throughout our life. Maybe somehow, somewhere along the way, that enthusiasm, joy and love for your relationship with life has dwindled. Maybe you have lost that spark for life … your ‘mojo’

Many people admit that they would have done things differently if they had her time over again. If we choose to keep hold of negative emotions we can build up resistance become stressed and withdrawn from enjoying life. If we refuse to let go of this stress sadly your life force will stay stuck like a log blocking the flow of a stream. When the stream is blocked, the flow of life becomes diminished.

Symptoms of Stress, Pain & Fatigue
Essentially, it may be seen that stress, pain and fatigue is primarily the result of poor choices. I’ve observed how when we stress we ’react’ rather than ‘respond’. that we have made. Let’s face it, we all succumb to making poor choices now and then.

We all know that life can present us with many challenges, now and then. So often, just to cope, we simply do the best that we can at the time. Yet, how often do you find yourself doing something that you simply don’t enjoy?

When it comes down to it, so many people spend so much time doing what they don’t want to do and are denied to be able to do what they truly want to do in life.

Take time now to reflect upon your journey throughout life and ask; how much good quality time do you enjoy in activities that bring you pleasure? Likewise, you may find yourself in the similar situation whereas you are not able to be engaged in the activities that give you greater fulfillment and joy in life.

Why is it that so many people are suffering from symptoms of stress, pain and fatigue, such as aches, pain, tension, stiff neck and shoulders and fatigue? Let’s face it, if you are not doing what you love, what you enjoy, you are going against your grain. Hence you may find how you have become incongruent. How much of this behaviour causes conflict, with the symptoms of stress, pain and fatigue. We can typically see this with so many conflicts, disputes, relationship breakdown and general poor quality of life.

Poor coping Skills
As a consequence of poor lifestyle choices, consider some of the ways in which so many people attempt to cope with our modern day stresses. We can see that most people are simply ill prepared to offer any suitable solutions. Hence, some of some of the most common forms of self-medication we typically observe are with alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sweets, sex, drugs, television, holiday escapes and so on. Do you really think that others would enjoy engaging with you if they could see that you’re not coping with life too well?

To enhance our well-being we need to enrich the quality of our life. An essential key to overcoming stress, pain & fatigue is to bring more fun back into your life. You simply need to know how to find your ‘mojo’.

Finding your Mojo
Finding your mojo is about tapping into that which truly excites you and lifts you up. You will know when you have found your mojo as you’ll feel as if you are firing on all cylinders and you enjoy an elevated, vibrant enthusiasm for life.

Your mojo is the magic you possess as you take ownership of your passion, desires and embrace your special talents. As you tap into your unique niche, you will notice how you’ll exude that charming charisma. It’s truly amazing when you have found your mojo how you will notice that people are compelled to look at you differently.

Somehow, you will find how challenges are easier to embrace when we living our passion and engaged more fully with life.

Ignite your Mojo
It could be said that your mojo is your special unique talent, how you best express your magic charm. Your mojo can be seen as that special appeal that you emanate. It’s that special influence you can exude, a type of special magic power you possess when you are in sync with your desires, your very purpose for being here. You will notice how when someone has found their mojo, they are exuding a higher self-esteem and self-confidence.

As you tap into your mojo, you will display a high aptitude, a natural skill that comes easily because it’s so pleasurable. You will see for yourself how you enjoy each moment more fully. I guess one could say that when you have found your mojo, there is a special charm that is exuded about you.

Finding your mojo is about being courageous enough to make the choice to follow your true journey. It’s about being sincere and honouring your true path. It may also involve resolving those blocks that have somehow, at some time held you back. It’s also about embracing the gratitude for the freedom to express your true passion

As you get in touch with your mojo, embracing more of who you truly are, there comes an extra-ordinary ability to overcome almost any challenge much easier. You may find yourself, to be at your peak performance and always on top of your game.

Connecting with your mojo will provide you with the gift of celebrating each moment with an exuberant, outgoing, vivaciousness with little or no hint of stress wearing you down.

Boost your Mojo
As you boost your mojo you will become more engaged, embracing your physical, emotional wellbeing along with an enhanced positive mental outlook. You will discover as you are so highly motivated, that you will embrace stress more so as excitement to enhance your performance.

Find that which excites you, inspires you, lifts you up, motivates and moves you to strive forward in life with much more ease and joy. When we have found our mojo it is so much easier to transform stress into success.

Your Opportunity
We know that the quality of our life is determined by the choices that we make. Successful people usually have some handy trick up their sleeve. You will find so often that successful people actually enjoy what they are doing.

The first trick is to find your mojo. Successful people have tapped into their true passion and desires to enhance their performance. They are enthusiastic about what they do, they have a high self-esteem and exude an air of confidence. Successful people cultivate a ‘can do’ attitude, where they can easily flick the switch from a challenge to an opportunity.

The trick to boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence is to find your mojo. Successful people know how to remain positive and make successful choices even under challenging situations. They make more positive choices because they embrace a more positive perception of their challenges. Simply put, they turn any negative stress into an opportunity for success.

Remember, the results you achieve will depend upon your perception of any challenge and how you choose to respond. So, then be aware of how you choose to perceive and response to your challenges. See how when you have found your mojo, you will have a clearer perspective to make more positive choices towards success.

You too can find, ignite and boost your ‘Mojo’ 
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Ra Bliss is a highly acclaimed wellness, life-style and self-development coach