2016 Schedule of Events

This year Ra Bliss is presenting a series of seminars and courses to help improve our life-style. Ra is presenting these courses throughout the year travelling to many locations from Melbourne to Cairns. to see his schedule please see below …▪ Please also be aware that these dates and venues may be subject to change without notice. It’s recommended that you stay up-to-date with the latest newsletters. 

Mojo Mentoring 2 Day Self-Development Seminars …
Life-style seminars… the theme is; ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’

Each Seminar comprises 4 parts …
How to Improve Your Lifestyle
How to Beat, Stress, Pain and Fatigue
How to Find, Ignite & Boost your Mojo
Conscious Creations principles to help achieve greater success in life.

Free Introductory Evening …
Each weekend seminar series begins with an Friday evening is an optional free introduction, especially ideal for newcomers to my work. This is an overview of ‘How to Beat, Stress, Pain & Fatigue’ by ‘Finding, Igniting & Boosting Your Mojo’ for greater vitality, aliveness, passion and ‘zest for life’. Your Mojo is your special ‘niche in life’. It’s where you ‘shine more than anything else’. Remember, you are precious, you are unique & you have uniquely powerful talents! Learn how to let them shine more in all aspects of your life. The Friday evening seminars are from 7 pm to 9 pm

Advanced Seminars …
As an option, at each weekend seminar series I’m also presenting an advanced Sunday seminar. In this seminar I’m also presenting ‘Recreational Breathing’ with a series of powerful breathing process for self-empowerment. Sunday afternoon will be Rebirthing Breath-work. It’s amazing the results I’ve seen from Breathwork over the decades.

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Autumn Equinox Week-end Transformational Retreat …
The Autumn Equinox is the most significant time of the year to participate in transformational training. This Autumn Equinox I am presenting a 2 day retreat, consisting of a series of seminars and a practical workshop. I talk about overcoming the ‘Beached Whale Syndrome’ … this is about taking responsibility for self-care. I’m teaching ‘Esoteric Self-Acupressure’ – ‘hands on’ techniques to take responsible for ‘Self-Care’ and for the transformation of consciousness.

Saturday lunchtime, I’m presenting a bonus segment. It’s called; ‘Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World’. Also I present the ‘Money Magic Solutions Seminar’ and ‘Prosperity Consciousness’.

Saturday evening, I’m presenting another bonus segment. It’s called; ‘Spiritual Relationships’. Some of the content is adopted from my seminars, ‘Spiritual Sexuality’. It’s about cultivating ‘Win/Win Relationships for Spiritual Growth’

The venue for this years’ Autumn Equinox series of seminars is the glorious Gold Coast Hinterland, in Queensland. The Autumn Equinox 2 Day Retreat is on Saturday & Sunday 19th & 20th March 2016

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