Gallbladder Bio-Energetics

Occasionally, people will experience symptoms such as heartburn, chest pain, indigestion, bloating, nausea or diarrhea. So often, this may be due to gallbladder problems, however without even knowing it. Our gallbladder is often overlooked. There can be undetected, ongoing gallbladder problems for years. These can also then eventually lead to other problems.

The modern day, orthodox western medical science basically just sees the gallbladder as a basic sack that stores and releases bile to help in digestion. Hence, if there’s a problem, it’s fine to just take it out. However, the eastern, traditional ‘Oriental Medicine’ perspective is quiet different.

An often ignored and yet fundamental aspect of our well-being in orthodox western medicine is that of adapting to our environment. This includes acknowledging the natural cycles of the seasons. Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) more-so emphasizes ways of living in harmony with the seasons.

Living with the Seasons

I’ve been promoting this practice for decades. Sadly, modern medicine tends to move us further away from our natural self. So many people are very disconnected from nature and the natural seasonal cycles. In TOM, it’s recognised that our well-being can be promoted by reconnecting with the seasons. In this article, I place emphases on the late spring and it’s correlation with the gallbladder. Spring is typically known as the ‘liver’ season. The gallbladder is the yang of the liver and corresponds more-so to late spring.

TOM Gallbladder

In TOM, whilst the liver is considered as a ‘yin’ organ, it’s element ‘yang’ partner is the gallbladder. Whereas the liver is recognised as the wood element and hence the tree in TOM, the gallbladder represents more-so where the branches extend out from the trunk of the tree. To do this, the gallbladder must make a choice, and then decide which way to move that would best benefit the tree. To do this, it must take stock of what’s happening within the tree, under the ground and also it’s surrounding environment to choose the best path. Once this is determined it then takes action to move outward in a particular direction.

Gallbladder Emotions

It may be said that time is our most valuable resource. We must choose wisely how we spend our time. Once our time goes we can never get it back. However, the problem is that so many people are in a race against time. In doing this, they’re wishing their life away. They trade time for something else, fame or fortune. Rather than reacting against time, we need to learn how to lovingly embrace the journey along the way.

Once upon a time we didn’t have so many decisions to make. In these more simple times, we basically just followed tradition. However, nowadays, even as we walk down the supermarket isle, we have so many choices to make. Different products, brands, sizes, colors, prices and so on. If we’re sitting on the fence for too long, the gallbladder gets strained. Hence, we may feel frustrated and then angry. Conversely, if we’re too decisive we may have resentment.

Gallbladder Bio-Energetics

As well as the orthodox WMS, chemical and mechanical framework and the TOM elemental approach, we may also see the gallbladder from a more bio-energetic’ approach. This is in some ways a synthesis of the above and more. From a more bio-energetic viewpoint, the gallbladder can be seen as an important integral component of us. As such it brings together so many critical facets. As a tree grows and expands it also becomes a part of it’s environment. The choices and decisions that we make also affects others, which in turn also then affects us. To be well, we need to choose a combination of aspects that will be most helpful for all involved. As an example, a good grounding as well as good ideas is necessary issions to strive to accomplish good goals .

Gallbladder Lifestyle
What we do in your time is who we become. We need to love what you do and hence who we are. The ‘wood’ element of the liver loves forward ‘free flowing’ movement. We thrive on a balance of structure and function, support and growth. Hence wee need to consider this in all of our lifestyle choices.

Gallbladder Nutrition

Nowadays, so many people have a problem with their weight management. Many suffer with constipation and diarrhea, cholesterol, blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes, mood swings, lack of energy, difficulty digesting creamy, fatty food, back and abdominal pain. Much of this can be considered to be gallbladder related.

Although the gallbladder may essentially be much the same with everyone, it’s dynamics with other organs, and lifestyle situations may vary with each individual. Hence, the ideal healthy diet of each individual varies also. In general, it’s considered that good gallbladder nutrition includes lots of greens such as spinach, kale, sprouts, asparagus and dandelion. Maybe for breakfast, consider add lemon, apple and grapefruit, either solid or as a juice to your diet. Apples are also great, as they contain malic acid. This may help to soften bile sludge and stones. It’s also important to maintain good dietary fibre in order to promote secretion of bile acids and reduce bile saturation. Also, avoid excessive saturated fats, fried foods and too much refined carbohydrates, such as biscuits. Rather, include foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as cold pressed nut and seed oils, cold water fish and avocados. Also, eat artichokes as they can help increase the flow of bile and help to digest fats. Remember to eat broccoli and other members of the brassica family (cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, kholrabi) as they support the liver’s detoxification enzymes. Also have foods rich in sulphur-containing compounds (e.g., garlic and onions) as they will assist in sulphation, the main detoxification pathway for environmental chemicals and certain drugs and food additives. There’s also many nutritional supplements may may also help.

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There’s also many other ‘lifestyle’ factors that may help to maintain a healthy gallbladder. This includes such as self massage techniques, specific vibrational essences, stretches, exercises and much more. We’ll discuss these in much more detail in the upcoming 2023 ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’. There is no set price, so inquire now about your individual options for joining us.

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