Are you still ‘fence sitting’?

It may be ok to sit on the fence for a while, however if you’re stuck there for too long you may get splinters … and after a while it may begin to hurt!

So many are in pain, with splinters because they’re undecided. It’s because they simply don’t know the facts.

Let’s face it, with so much ‘jab’erish’, there’s so much mass mis-information’ from many different angles.

Also, you may be feeling bombarded with peer group pressure, by the media, the government, family and friends … all trying to influence you.

Should people just ignore whatever concerns they have and just get the ‘jibby-jab’ or not?

To make a decision we need to be clear about the choices, options, consequences, etc. We can no longer keep our head in the sand.

As we ‘awaken’ we can see clearer and make a better choice!

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