Miss – Information


The irony of this so called ‘Information Age’ is that there seems to be so much ‘misinformation’. In this day and age of so much ‘fake news’ the big question is ‘what is true?’ Let’s investigate further.

As with all decisions, the better informed that we are, the easier it is to make the best choice. However, once you start investigating many topics you’re likely to run into a few ‘misinformation’ problems. Especially, it seems when it comes down to important issues such as your freedom, wellbeing, welfare and quality of life. And then, once you start to delve into these real issues, it’s like going down a ‘rabbit hole’.

So what if much of what you learnt at school isn’t actually true? What if most was just a big smokescreen? This probably applies to what ever discipline you may take a look at. So we may ask, has this misinformation been purposely orchestrated?. Well, it seems that in many cases, for various reasons there’s been a few intentional lies spun throughout our history. Most of all, the real issues at hand here are much more than what the average ‘person’ realises. Is there a difference between a ‘person’ and a ‘man or woman’? If you don’t know, then maybe you need to learn more.

Now is the Time
Now, more than ever, is the time to gain greater clarity. With such a dynamically changing world, now-a-days there’s so many ‘big questions’ that we’re faced with. Understandably, many are confused as there’s so much deception, lies myths and trickery. There’s such an emphaises now-a -days on ‘fake news’ and yet how much can we really trust the ‘lame-stream’ media to tell us the truth? It actually seems that there’s so much that’s hidden from us.

Freedom of Information
How long does it actually take for much of the information to finally become available to the public? So often, it’s only long after the issues have been forgotten. To get the answers we need at the time, we need to learn how to ask the best questions to the right people.

Know Your Rights
We all have the right to know the truth. Especially when it comes to making decisions about our own freedom, wellbeing, welfare and quality of life. However, so often we’re only fed a part of the story. Sadly, there seems to be so much propaganda to blame.

Your Wellbeing
Supposedly no one other than a orthodox trained medical professional is allowed to give any ‘medical’ advise. And yet, all of the orthodox trained medical doctors are indoctrinated with this idea that their medication, surgery and the jab is the answer to our problems. However, if we dare to study beyond the confines of orthodox medicine we may find some different answers.

Your Body – Your Choice
You may ask, why are the orthodox trained medicos so fervently promoting this jab. Well, let’s face it, medical practitioners get paid by practicing medicine. Can they offer any viable alternatives? Do they really have your best interests at heart? Is it true that many highly qualified scientific researchers are warning against the ‘jab’. Is it true that the medical profession are spending millions on gagging orders preventing staff from speaking out about the dangers of the ‘jab’. Even, many health care workers themselves are balking at getting the ‘jab’. Why is this news suppressed on the ‘lame-stream’ media?

Our Opinion Matters
Please consider that this article is merely an opinion, offering a point of view, suggesting, as due diligence that you conduct your own research on the important topic at hand. How can we possibly call it ‘science’ if it cannot be openly debated? So what if the medical industry was funded by big pharma? And then, this influences the education curriculum, the media and the publics opinion and so on?

Underlying Considerations
There’s a number of underlying issues to consider. A major issue to consider is that the cornerstone premise of orthodox medicine may actually be flawed. After so many years, spending billions in research and education is it really possible that they’re actually barking up the wrong tree? Many medical researchers suggest so.

Flawed Premise?
The real cornerstone of the current medical ‘jab’ issue comes down to the promotion of this idea of the ‘Germ Theory’. With this, orthodox medicine dogma says that it’s the germs that’s out to make us sick. The premise is that these ‘viruses’ are like fleas that jump from one body to the next. However, it’s plausible that this theory was adopted is simply to make money out of medication rather than helping us to be healthy. What if it’s not so much the germs, but more-so the inner terrain.

The Jab Issue
If you believe ‘big pharma’ and the ‘medicos’ you’d think that the ‘jab’ is the savior of all of our problems. Especially to be able to travel and go on holidays again. However, as strange as it may sound there’s also other opinions. The natural approach considers that it’s the inner ‘exosomes’ as a response to ‘toxicity’ that we really need to deal with. It’s the accumulated environmental toxicity along with nutritional deficiencies that alter our inner terrain. This, invariably attract the bugs to clean up the toxic mess. Remember, flies aren’t interested in a clean kitchen, only a dirty one. Firefighters don’t cause the fire, they come to put out the fire. Likewise, microbes are like scavengers that help to clean-up the inner toxic terrain.

Is it really ‘viruses’ that cause disease or is it ‘exosomes’? If you talk to most people about exosomes, they’ll look at you as if you’re crazy. Yet, what if many highly qualified medical scientific researchers are suggesting that what we think are viruses are actually exosomes? Have we been lied to again, or maybe the medical profession are just too embarrassed to admit that they’ve been wrong again. Also, how would this revelation affect their hip pocket?

Hidden Knowledge
Most lay-people have not heard of ‘exosomes’, although it’s well researched and documented. Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle naturally produced within our own body in response to some sort of stress. They may be considered as a part of our inner communication system. These stresses may be various toxicities, being infiltrated from our external environment such as ‘electro-magnetic-pollution’. If we look at the latest ‘electro-magnetic-pollution’ that we’re being subjected to we must consider 5G. Is 5G safe? There’s many researchers who suggest that it isn’t. Why has this information been supressed?

The Real Issue
Many are suggesting that the jab may really just be a smokescreen. Many indicators are pointing towards the possible real underlying issue being the implementation of Agenda 2030. If you don’t know about ‘Agenda 2030’, The Great Reset, The 4th Industrial Revolution then for your sake and for future generations, it’s suggested that you become educated.

The Great Reset
Have you heard about this on the six o clock news? According to the ‘World Economic Forum’ the world in 2030 will be very different to what we know today. This is no conspiracy theory, it’s well documented. Basically, what this will mean is that there will be no privacy, no ownership of anything, no rights and no freedom. Essentially, in this ‘cash-less’ society, you will be fully connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ where your every move will be fully monitored and controlled. What’s more, it’s highly likely that through 5g interaction with nanoparticle chips within your body, your genetics will be altered to alter your attitude, your thought processes, ability of your body to function and much more. So, if you don’t follow the agenda, your isolated from being able to function on the world.

The ‘Great Reset’ is really just a nice sounding name for transhumanism. This is basically to enslave us as robots. As you’ll may be already be aware, it’s already starting to happen now, with ‘contact tracing’ and with airlines introducing a ‘certificate of vaccination’ that must be presented before you can fly.

What we’re really talking about here is ‘self-empowerment. Simply put, it’s about building the resources for you to be more empowered to make better choices for a better life. In this ‘information age’ we need to be able to decipher what is actually true and what is not. d any are suggesting that the jab may really just be a smokescreen.

Your research
Have you take responsibility to do your own research? Simply put, most people don’t really care. They just want to be comfortable. So, most are lazy, rather just compromise their integrity, so they don’t feel discomfort or inconvenience.

Red or Blue Pill?
It’s Biblical! Are you one of those who will get the ‘shot’ just so that you can board an airline and get away on holidays? Will you get the ‘shot’, simply because the ‘Government, your GP, your employer, etc. says so? Are you willing to be aware of what taking the ‘shot’ will likely do to you? Do you believe that COVID – PCR testing really accurate? Or, is it really just about building a database of DNA? Do you believe that the ‘shot’ is safe or is it really about altering your genetics? What are your rights?

Your Next Step
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