Autumn Equinox Seminar

Are you suffering from Stress, Pain, Fatigue … or anything else? … looking for more Happiness, Love and Better Quality of life?

In this 1 Day ‘Holistic Life-Style’ Seminar learn:

How to ‘Handle Stress, Pain & Fatigue … with practical ‘Hands-on’ strategies … ‘How to Flick the Switch from Stress, Pain & Fatigue to Inspiration, Integration & Transformation

How to Find, Ignite & ‘BOOST Your MOJO … with ‘Bliss-Mojo’ – ‘Mojo Mentoring’ to BOOST your Vitality, Passion & Zest for Life!

Ultra-Mind Dynamics … practical ways for accessing the power of the subconscious mind … to enhance Self Development and for ‘Living a Happier Life in the World’

Conscious-Creations … The more we consciously create, the more we create consciousness … help facilitate a higher place of consciousness … to transform your life!

Recreational Breathing … Learn the art of breathing … be inspired with each breath … learn how to use your breath to guide you in life.

Revelations … Revealing the truth about the ‘4 biggies’ … insights to ‘Sex, Money, Religion & Politics’ … Solutions for living a happier life in the modern world.

BONUS … because you deserve it!

Holistic Life-style Coaching … Learn the art of ‘Living with the Seasons’ & ‘Living Consciously’ with practices inspired from the ‘Taoist Masters’ & ‘Immortal Yogis’.

Your Presenter;

1 Day Seminar – Sat. 18th March – on the beachfront, Palm Beach, Gold Coast.