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How to BEAT ‘Up-tight-itis’

Are are suffering from ‘up-tight-itis’? … so what exactly is ‘up-tight-itis’ Syndrome? You probably know the type .. they’re typically up-tight, … they hold on tight to what ever they’ve got … they cannot easily let-go and .. they’re sooo up-tight they fail to let anything freely come they’re way .. hence, they’re closed off […]

Self-Care ‘Esoteric’ Acupressure

The Self-Care ‘Esoteric’ Acupressure Seminar will change your life! This is a 1 day seminar that includes a comprehensive 80 page manual and online support. In this Self-Care ‘Esoteric Acupressure Seminar you will also learn how to: * Assess your own signs and symptoms for self-care * Self massage lymphatic reflex points (to facilitate cleansing) […]

Autumn Equinox Seminar

Are you suffering from Stress, Pain, Fatigue … or anything else? … looking for more Happiness, Love and Better Quality of life? In this 1 Day ‘Holistic Life-Style’ Seminar learn: How to ‘Handle Stress, Pain & Fatigue … with practical ‘Hands-on’ strategies … ‘How to Flick the Switch from Stress, Pain & Fatigue to Inspiration, Integration […]