How to BEAT Stress, Pain & Fatigue

Remember, how great you felt when you were young, jumping out of bed, excited about the adventures ahead.

Sadly, so many people as we grow older have lost that enthusiasm for life, they’re not following their passion, not ‘fired up’ about the adventures of their day. Most of the time they’re pushing uphill, against the grain, they’re stuck, up the proverbial creek, without a paddle. My observation is that this type of mundane existence causes resistance, resentment and reactions which results in what we call; stress, pain and fatigue. To help handle this scenario most people look at simply alleviating or masking the symptoms. However the symptoms are merely just the tip of the iceberg. Just addressing the symptoms doesn’t deal with the real underlying issue.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. After speaking with many people over many years, it seems that so much that stress, pain and fatigue is mostly about resistance to embracing life. It’s resistance, about facing what’s really going on. Many people spend so much of their time and effort suppressing their true feelings and emotions. We know that suppression takes a great deal of effort. Hence, they suffer the symptoms of stress, pain and fatigue. It’s gradually becoming obvious to many that what they’ve been doing for so long just isn’t working well for them.

It seems that so many problems arise because some simple basics are not adequately dealt with. Dealing with stress, pain and fatigue is very much about embracing a journey of self-development and well-being. As we deal with the basics we have then established a solid platform from which we can then evolve. For many, it’s a bit like ‘climbing back out of the spiders web’. Much of how we’ve become captured may be due to the myths that we have subscribed to. Sometimes we need to let go of our fictional concepts of reality. So many people are hypnotised, mesmerised and conditioned into so many behavioural patterns and programs, so often without even knowing so.

Ideally, to handle stress, pain and fatigue we would adapt a ‘Holistic’ approach. Basically this acknowledges that everything somehow is connected. As one things is affected, so is everything else. Hence, one part of our body cannot be well unless the whole is well. So, ideally we would be addressing all aspects of our being. This includes such areas as a healthy body, environment, relationships with others, healthy thoughts and emotions, a healthy spiritual connection and much more. Like-wise, I’ve found that much of stress, pain and fatigue are all interconnected. It just so happens, as someone perceives that they are stressed, they are much more likely to suffer pain. As we suffer pain we become more fatigued and fatigue causes further stress and pain. Each relates to the other. In nature, one thing leads to another, and all is connected. Our problems arise from being disconnected.

I’ve found that much stress, pain and fatigue is due to a poor lifestyle. You’d no doubt agree that these days we live in a highly complex life. Along with complexity comes many challenges. It’s really about how well be choose to handle those challenges. Sadly, stress, pain and fatigue can ruin lives. Really, we want to improve our life. Simply, to improve our wellbeing, we need to improve our lifestyle. It’s fair enough to say that more people are becoming more aware of this need to improve our lifestyle.

So many people are surprised to hear how the concept of stress is actually a myth. You see, history tells us how it was Dr Hans Selye, who was a European Doctor, and an endocrinologist, that he is actually acknowledged as adopting the term ‘stress’ and popularised it to as we now use it in terminology today. As strange as it may seem, less than 100 years ago there actually wasn’t this notion of this thing that we call ‘stress’ that we have today. So Dr Hans Searle who coined the term, in the 1930’s was really the first who started using this term ‘stress’ for us.

So, when we seem to be suffering from what is called ‘stress’, what I’m suggesting is that it’s actually more so the signs we see and the symptoms we experience as a result of our poor reaction to our various challenges. So the question may be; is it really the stress, or the way that we handle the challenge that’s before us? In most cases, you may find that we need to learn how to handle challenges better. Many people react to challenges rather than respond appropriately. It’s more so about learning how to respond rather than react. We may say that reaction is unconscious whereas responding is more conscious. So many people are addicted to reactions. Sadly, these addictions can enslavement us lead to much suffering. Our reactions reveal themselves as an array of signs and symptoms. These, signs and symptoms are typically what we call stress. The more we can be aware of these unconscious reactions, the more we can change them to more conscious responses.

We know that the quality of our life is determined by the choices that we make. Successful people usually have some handy trick up their sleeve. You will find so often that successful people actually enjoy what they are doing. So, the trick is to find your mojo. Successful people have mastered the art of being able to use the excitement of challenges to actually enhance their performance. They’ve learn’t how to respond in a more successful way

In my seminar, I present an important segment which I call; ‘How to find, ignite and boost your ‘mojo’ You see, your ‘mojo’ is your special niche in life, that really gets you ‘fired up’ and passionate about embracing what life has to offer.

Are you suffering from Stress, Pain, Fatigue … or anything else?

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