Conscious Creations

The more we consciously create, the more we create consciousness.

We all have many aspects of our being. As we move closer to embracing and integrating these many aspects we become more connected. It may be said that ‘connectedness’ is analogous to consciousness. As we connect with our shadow, we may allow the light to shine on aspects of our self that we were previously in denial of, and hence we can become more whole. The closer we come to embracing our whole being, the more conscious we become.

Essentially, to help facilitate consciousness, we need to become more aware of our unconsciousness. Our unconsciousness may come in the likes of addictions, habits and other patterns in your life. You may then be aware of how you came to consistently repeat your behaviour to set up these unconscious patterns. The problem can be that we may be unconscious that it’s an unconscious pattern. Unconsciousness, by itself doesn’t facilitate our personal development, our growth or evolution. Consciousness is about choice. The next step is to choose to consciously connect, relate to and transform those unconscious patterns. Any change requires action. As we change, we become more creative. We have so much potential to be creative. You can learn more at my seminars or in my book also called ‘Conscious Creations’.

Conscious Creations is also an inspiring 1 day seminar and workshop. This seminar is designed to help facilitate in aligning with a higher consciousness. The book is offered free at the ‘Conscious Creations’ seminars. Learn powerful techniques for the ‘Transformation of Consciousness’ … if you want to attract more money, happier relationships, better health, enhanced looks, self esteem and success , this seminar could help to transform your life!

‘Conscious Creations’ is a seminar exploring the essence of consciousness. The overall concept is that ‘as we consciously create … we are also creating consciousness’. The intention of the seminar is to help facilitate a higher place of consciousness.

  • Learn powerful techniques for the ‘Transformation of Consciousness’.
  • Discover for your-self how unconsciousness causes pain and suffering.
  • Consciousness gives you the choices, empowerment and improve the quality of your life.
  • ‘Conscious Creations’ provides a step by step process to help you transform your unconscious programs to become more conscious.
  • Learn about conscious relationships, bliss consciousness, super consciousness and more.

Whether you want to attract more money, happier relationships, better health, enhanced looks, self esteem and success … ‘Conscious Creations’ could help to transform your life!

The next ‘Conscious Creations’ seminar will be an introductory 2 hour presentation along with ‘Ultra-Mind-Dynamics’ at the ‘BLISS-MOJO’ Winter Solstice Retreat at Mount Tamborine, in the glorious Gold Coast hinterland.

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